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Jennifer M.

"We have arrived! Thank you Gina for providing our awesome travel packages. Kids love them too! Highly recommend Seat Sitters. Let the family time begin!"

Julie T.

"My daughter bought me this kit and I was thrilled how it went on the airplane seat as well as my rented wheelchair in the airport. I have a compromised immune system and tend to get sick very easily. This was a travel lifesaver for me - especially on my way to visit my grandchildren!"

Michael M.

"I’m a college student & avid traveler. I used the Seat Sitters airplane travel kit . It’s awesome because it comes in my favorite color black, it’s cool because it’s eco-friendly and keeps me clean!"

The McPeak family

"Our 4-year-old son has multiple food allergies and is anaphylactic to Peanuts and Dairy products. We were ELATED when we found Gina and a product specifically tailored to covering seats! We immediately purchased multiple sets for our family and used them on all flights to and from Hawaii – they worked beautifully."


"I could not afford to get sick before my bridal shower. I flew to Detroit and loved how I could fall asleep on my flight worry-free with the seat cover. I also loved using the face mask as the person next to me was coughing their head off during the entire flight. Yuck!!! I would definitely use this product again!"

Grandmother of Two

"I flew with my two grandkids to Florida and I really liked how this kit had a tray table cover & seat cover- it gave me peace of mind to know I could put my grandkids snacks and toys on the tray table cover without worrying. I also appreciated the wipes to wipe down the area before we sat down."

In The Media!

Seat Sitters, a glorious $15 kit on Amazon that comes with both a reusable seat and tray table cover, sanitary wipes, and even an allergy mask for next-level protection.

Seat Sitters comes complete with an allergy mask, reusable seat cover, a tray table cover (with crayons in the kiddo version), sanitary wipes and a “No Nuts” sticker... For just $14.99 create your own oasis with this must have product for every traveler.

A company named Seat Sitters has devised a “flu free” package that contains one reusable seat cover, a disposable tray table cover, two sanitary wipes and one allergy mask.