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Basic "On The Go" Kit


This convenient "on the go" kit comes included with...

  • Our basic Black reusable 2 ply reusable face mask
  • 1 Reusable Bandana Mask (choose your color)
  • 1 Credit Card Hand Sanitizer

Use this kit for your everyday needs to keep away the germs.

Product Features:

Tightly woven polyester microfiber material. Bright colors offers added style to any piece in your wardrobe. Bandana face mask can be worn around face or neck, as is or with black face mask underneath (as pictured). 

Black Face Mask is a 2 ply tightly woven material, great for added layer of protection.

Credit Card Hand Sanitizer is odorless, alcohol & dye free. 1 card gets approximately 150 sprays. Slim design make this easy for any space. 

Available Colors for Bandana Masks:

Dark Purple, Pink, Yellow, Sage, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Light Purple

Mask Care Instructions:

Machine wash on cold/delicate cycle, lay flat to dry.