2019 Travel Bucket List

2019 Travel Bucket List

It’s a new year and that means new adventures! We’re here to share our recommendations for the top three destinations to travel to in 2019 because it’s never too early to start planning an annual vacation. Whether you’re planning for spring break, a girls trip, a honeymoon, or a getaway for the whole family, let us be your one-stop-shop for helping you choose your vacation destination. Grab your camera and your Seat Sitter travel kits to start exploring a new destination... happy and healthily! 

The Ultimate Family Vacation — Singapore

If you’re looking for the ultimate 2019 family vacation, Singapore is the answer. From world-famous theme parks and iconic attractions to hidden gems that you can’t find anywhere else like Kusu Island, the beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens, and Chinatown — There is something for the whole family here. Keeping the kids entertained is always a priority for the parents,  the options are endless! You can take them on a night safari, spend the day at the iconic Universal Studios, explore the 20,000 square foot Science Centre, and so many other kid-friendly attractions! Singapore is a destination that is up and coming, especially in 2019 (the movie Crazy Rich Asians might have something to do with that…). And, did we mention that Singapore is known for having Michelin star-rated street food? Yes, please! Pro tip: Since there are well over 5 million people living in Singapore, catching a bug is a major possibility. Be sure to not only travel healthy with you Seat Sitter kit but bring extra  Seat Sitter travel kit lysol wipes to clean your surfaces wherever you go!  

For The Girls - San Francisco

This city is a great one for ladies! The great thing about San Francisco is that you can spend a week in the Bay or make it a quick, fun-filled three-day getaway. This Northern California city is filled with gorgeous national parks such as Muir Woods, boutique hotels, famous beaches with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and one of the most diverse food scenes in all of California. Get outdoors and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge or tour the world-famous Alcatraz Island. Head over to Pier 39 for the freshest seafood and do some shopping in Union Square, and don’t forget to go for a trolly ride to explore the steep streets of this bustling city. The options of exploration here are endless, and it’s the perfect city to visit any time of the year. Oh, and don’t forget that Seat Sitter tray table cover for your delicious meals throughout the town — The food is fresher than the table you’re eating off of!

Honeymooners — Greece

Extraordinary architecture, breathtaking views, and pure relaxation awaits you in Greece! If you haven’t considered Greece as your 2019 honeymoon destination, you should reconsider. One of the reasons Greece is so spectacular is all of the Islands there are to discover. Given the title the “Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination.” because of the incredible sunsets, clear blue water, and the exclusivity as a whole. Santorini is a must see within a lifetime. Mykonos is another “must see”  this island has an exciting nightlife for some dancing and partying at night and quaint yet gorgeous small neighborhoods like Little Venice to wander to in the day. Your honeymoon should be one of the most memorable vacations of your life, and Greece is the place to make that happen.

It’s important to remember that with travel comes the risk of sickness. Colds, allergies, and all kinds of new germs, so be sure to have your Seat Sitter travel kit on standby before, during, and after your travels. It will give you and your loved ones peace-of-mind while exploring the world.

Be sure to share your 2019 travels by tagging us on social media. Wishing you clean, healthy travel in the New Year!