Gina’s Story

Our Mission

To provide an all in one convenient, easy to use, stylish, healthy lifestyle kit that puts the power in your hands so that you are in control of your health and space wherever you go.

As a parent, I would do anything to protect my family and keep them safe and healthy.


What started out as an idea to help keep my family as free from germs as possible has evolved into something greater than my wildest dreams: a company helping many families across the world to keep themselves healthier and in less contact with germs on a daily basis.

At Seat Sitters we are proud to be an environmentally conscious green company.  We have gone to great lengths to create a reusable and recyclable product that reduces waste. Our company is not just about us; we are about doing our part to make the planet cleaner and healthier for generations to come.

As the inventor of Seat Sitters, I take great pride in being an example for my children, Hunter and Brooke, of what it takes to be a true entrepreneur. With great intention, I have brought them both along on the journey. They have been involved in every step of the way, from packaging and shipping to design and social media, and as they grew older they have been involved in contracts, sales and even presenting our product as well.

Hunter and Brooke have always shown support to me through both my successes and my setbacks. I feel strongly this will help them in a positive, impactful and meaningful way as they navigate, not only their own careers, but everything that comes their way throughout life.

Along with my family, I am proud to be the first to launch this idea of clean healthy travel. We believe in our product and what it offers to our customers.  Seat Sitters is designed to give the power back to the consumer to keep themselves and their space clean and healthy while traveling. One of our proudest “brags” is that our customers consistently recognize us as being a small business that goes above and beyond!

We hope you will join us on our journey and watch as we continue to evolve with new products while perfecting the customer experience.

On behalf of all of us at Seat Sitters, thank you.

About The Journey

As a mom of two, I was tired of one of us getting sick and having our vacation ruined after flying.

I thought, “There has to be a better way to travel.” I wanted to create a product that was easy to use, comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly and would give you peace of mind for clean & healthy travel!

After doing some research I realized just how many germs can survive on the seat and the area around you. It’s really up to you, the traveler, to protect yourself from all these nasty germs.

XO Gina


“Our 4-year-old son has multiple food allergies and is anaphylactic to peanuts and dairy products. We were ELATED when we found Gina and a product specifically tailored to covering seats!

We immediately purchased multiple sets for our family and used them on all flights to and from Hawaii – they worked beautifully.”

- The McPeak Family

To My Seat Sitter Family,

In the wake of COVID-19, our world has changed and we are all adjusting to “the new normal,” trying to do the things we love safely. Traveling clean and healthy remains my number one priority. Whether traveling by plane, train, ride-share, to the doctor’s office, or on a bus, using our kit is essential and shows you are a health-conscious citizen! We are here to help you regain the confidence to return to travel and on-the-go life.

We were here well before COVID-19 and we will be here after.

Love always,