Gina's Story

As a parent, I would do anything to protect my family and keep them safe and healthy. Let’s face it - it’s a germy world. Seat Sitters started as a labor of love to my family. Now it’s for every germ-conscious passenger who shares my desire for cleaner travel. 

My family would go on beautiful vacations and create wonderful memories. Then we'd get home and inevitably, someone would get sick. When it came to traveling, the joy of a getaway was always dulled by the impending illness from air travel. Vacations are SO much less fun when you're anticipating coughs, chills, and runny noses. I began asking myself "How is it possible every single time we travel, someone gets sick?" 

That's when I dug deeper into the longevity of germs. In spite of sanitization routines conducted by the airlines, the flu virus, MRSA and E-Coli can last up to 24 hours on hard surfaces, meaning some germs can linger between flights! I knew there just had to be a healthier way to travel. So I created the original Healthy Travel Kit that would keep my family and our space clean so that our memories weren't ruined by unnecessary illness. Little did I know we would become the industry standard for health-conscious travel on the go!

Creating a product that helps us and those around us has truly been a family affair. My son Hunter and daughter Brooke have been helping me every step of the way. Being able to spend quality time with my family has meant the world to me. I’ve shown my kids by working hard, and being passionate about what you do you can make a difference. It’s one of those priceless moments that makes me proud to be a “mompreneur.” 


A letter to my Seat Sitter Family:

In the wake of COVID-19 our world has changed and we are all adjusting to “the new normal” trying to do the things we love safely. Traveling clean and healthy remains my number one priority. Whether traveling by plane, train, ride-share, to the doctors office, or on a bus, using our kit is essential and shows you are a health conscious citizen! We are here to help you regain the confidence to return to travel and on-the-go life. We were here well before COVID-19 and we will be here after.

Love always,