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Gina's Story

Let’s face it – It’s a germy world! As a mom of two, I was tired of one of us getting sick and having our vacation ruined after flying.

I thought there has to be a healthier way to travel.

I wanted to create a product that was easy to use, eco-friendly and would give people peace of mind during travel. After doing some research, I realized just how long germs can survive on surfaces. That’s why I created Seat Sitters. Seat Sitters is a complete kit that comes with a disposable, reusable seat cover, tray table cover, two sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer (adult only), an allergy mask and a peanut sticker to bring awareness to those around you. Additionally, the kids kit comes with crayons for kids to stay occupied and have fun drawing directly on the tray table cover.

You can sit back and relax knowing you have the perfect travel companion while making travel clean, healthy and fun. Seat Sitters is changing the face of travel one seat at a time!