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Read This Before Going to Movie Theaters

Are you excited to jump into that comfortable theater seat with a big tub of popcorn after waiting for so long? Just wait! And go through these few things we think you should know before going to the movies.

People Ask, "Where Are The Most Common Places That Germs Live?"

People Ask, "Where Are The Most Common Places That Germs Live?" And We Answered.

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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling Long Term

Staying on track with healthy habits during short-term travel is easy, but what about traveling long term? Learn the best ways to protect yourself from illness while traveling for a long periods of time.

How to Travel with a Peanut Allergy - Seat Sitters Guide

In this mini-guide we discuss ways to manage a peanut allergy when flying or eating out in public. We are sure people with peanut allergy will find this article and our products very useful.