Why Corporate Gifts for Employees Are Important

Why Corporate Gifts for Employees Are Important

Corporate gifting is a great way to express your gratitude. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but it should always come from the heart. The right gift can go a long way in strengthening employee relationships and building morale within an organization.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Corporate Gift Giving for Employees is More Important Than Ever?
  2. Proof of Benefits From Giving Corporate Gift for Employees?  
  3. 6 Benefits of Corporate Gifting for Employees
  4. Another Reason Corporate Gifts for Employees Has Become More Common
  5. The Philosophy of Corporate Gifts for Employees in 2021
  6. Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Workforce
  7. Choosing Corporate Gifts for All Employees
  8. What Brands Can Do to Reward Employees This Year
  9. Are You Recognizing Your Employees With Corporate Gifts This Year?


Why Corporate Gift Giving for Employees is More Important Than Ever?

Corporate gifting is a regular expense of doing business in normal circumstances. It's utilized to recognize workers and strengthen customer or partnership connections. However, as a result of the pandemic, it has taken on greater importance.

The epidemic has revolutionized the work environment, and our perspective on time and space has altered as a result. Individuals are quitting their jobs in search of better money, more flexibility, work-life balance and greater happiness. Many people are rethinking what a job truly means to them, how they're valued, and how they spend their time. This movement has been termed - The Great Resignation.

Retaining and rewarding loyal employees has become a necessity for employers in 2021. Employees want to know that they are valued and appreciated by their employers.

Corporate gift giving has become a major topic in business culture since it is one method of recognizing the significance of your employees' efforts and rewarding them for their hard work and loyalty.

According to a recent study, the corporate gifting market is expected to reach $242 billion this year and rise at an accelerated 8.1% through 2024.

Businesses have also increased their gift-giving budgets. More than half of those interviewed said that their company's gift giving budget has risen as a result of Covid. The amount paid per present is unexpectedly substantial compared to previous years, with most business gifts costing between $25 and $125 per gift.

With company staff still dispersed for many organizations, and hybrid scheduling becoming the norm, a well-chosen gift is a perfect way to keep employees connected and reward them for loyalty and work performance.

Proof of Benefits From Giving Corporate Gift for Employees?

According to a recent survey, over 90% of organizations feel that gift giving is worth the investment. Over 80% of respondents stated company gifts had strengthened employee and/or client relationships, with 48 percent believing it delivers a significant advantage. Other benefits reported include 45% of employees feeling valued and 41% saw significant employee retention.

This has resulted in businesses deciding to maintain their present accelerated rate of corporate gifting, and perhaps even raise it.

6 Benefits of Corporate Gifting For Employees

Gifting employees has become one of the most effective ways to keep morale high in times of adversity. It's also a way to thank your workers for doing what they do, which is the least you can do.

1. It's an Affordable Way to Recognize & Reward Employees

One of the most effective ways to motivate employees is through recognition and rewards, which shows them their efforts don't go unnoticed. According to The Association for Talent Development's research on corporate recognition, corporate gift giving falls into that same category.

There are many ways to show your appreciation for your employees' contributions, but corporate gifts are less expensive than many other methods. You can also distribute them throughout the year without having to wait for a special occasion. Moreover, corporate gifts have an immediate impact because they're usually given in person. That gives them more resonance than an email which may be easily ignored.

2. It Makes You Look Good to Your Employees

Making your employees feel valued is extremely important if you want to keep them happy and productive. This is because it affects their overall satisfaction with their job, as well as how they view the corporate culture within their own organization.

3. It's a Great Opportunity to Show You Care

Corporate gifts should always come from the heart and represent how much staff members are valued by their business. Employees recognize when managers extend themselves and personally contribute to corporate culture.

They feel valued and respected because it shows managers are putting in the extra effort to show they care about them as people, not just employees.


4. It Can Help Keep Your Existing Staff & Attract New Talent

If workers aren't happy with how their organization treats them, they will definitely start looking for a job elsewhere. This is especially true if the corporate culture and leadership doesn't support staff and values their contributions and talents.

When candidates are looking at new job opportunities, company culture is one of the top factors they consider. Corporate gift giving is a way to tell potential new hires that you value your staff and corporate culture, which will help give them a better idea of what it's like to work for your company.

5. It Helps Improve Employee Retention & Productivity

Happy employees are productive people who work hard to accomplish their tasks and goals. One of the best ways corporate leaders can, and should, support their workers is by motivating and encouraging them.

Employees who feel recognized and appreciated will be more motivated to give 100 percent on the job every day. By the same token, corporate gifts can show employees that you value their work and care enough about them as individuals to present a gift in person.

6. Corporate Gift Giving Results in More Corporate Engagement

According to a study published on www.forbes.com, corporate gifting has led to an increase in corporate engagement. When employees are more engaged, they put forth their best efforts because they feel appreciated and can get excited about the corporate culture. This leads to a more productive workforce and greater corporate profitability.

As you can see, corporate gifts are a way to show your employees that you appreciate them – no matter what.

Another Reason Corporate Gifts For Employees Has Become More Common

Employers are also utilizing corporate gifts to demonstrate their ethics and organizational theory, particularly with millennials. This generation of employees expects more truthfulness from their bosses and company leadership; they want to be able to trace the connections between what the leaders say (and do) and how it influences corporate culture.

A corporate gift is therefore seen as an opportunity for organizations to demonstrate the quality of their leadership, ethics and corporate culture.

The Philosophy of Corporate Gifts for Employees in 2021

Corporate gifts come in many different types, including electronics, apparel and books. Some companies choose to give corporate gift cards for employees to use as they see fit, while others present their workers with unique corporate gifts that represent what they stand for.

It's not the actual gift that matters, but it should be a sincere gesture to let your team know how much you appreciate them. You can purchase corporate gifts from many different retailers and online stores, or you could simply DIY a corporate gift basket that features products from around your local neighborhood. It just depends on the corporate culture, corporate gifting budget and corporate giving preferences of each individual company.

This year many organizations are looking for something unique that shows they care, like the Healthy Lifestyle Kit by seatsitters.com. Companies are having the kits branded with their logos, and they are using them at conventions and arenas to represent their team as a whole and using them individually while traveling and in public places.

It's important to keep corporate gifts authentic, even if you're using corporate gift cards instead of corporate gifts that can be unwrapped. This is because corporate gifts are still seen as personal and something that was chosen by your business for specific staff members. This reflects well on you and your organization, which in turn leads to corporate engagement.

Effective corporate gifts can also encourage employees to spend more time together outside of work, which strengthens the corporate culture even further.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Workforce

To ensure corporate gift ideas are both authentic and useful, you should talk to your staff members first. This is a great way to find out what each one really wants or needs from a corporate gift perspective. You can find corporate gifts for your employees that they'll enjoy unwrapping at the next corporate holiday party, but do so knowing it's going to help them in a practical way too.

Choosing Corporate Gifts for All Employees

When you're choosing corporate gifts for your employees, make sure you consider the corporate culture. Different retail firms like Starbucks and Apple give their employees corporate gifts that fit what they stand for and pay homage to them in the process. It's up to you to find corporate holiday gifts that your staff will love unwrapping, while also representing what your business stands for in the corporate world.

What Brands Can Do To Reward Employees This Year

Corporate gifting is no longer confined to the holiday season; it's a year-round chance to recognize and value workers. So, what can businesses do to celebrate their staff this year? Here are some suggestions:


Food & wine items - A nice bottle of champagne or a gourmet chocolate box can say "thank you" in a nicely wrapped corporate gift basket.

corporate wine gifts for employees


For Your Cooks - If you have outstanding cooks in your company, corporate gifts related to cooking will be greatly appreciated. You can give them a nice cutting board with company logo or a cook book that has recipes they might like to try out.

corporate gifts for employees cutting board


 If the staff loves coffee - why not get corporate gifts like coffee machines and corporate coffee mugs! 

corporate gifts for employees - coffee mugs



For The Fitness Buffs - If there are members of staff who work out on a regular basis, corporate gifts that show an appreciation of their dedication will go down well. For example, you could buy gym bags or corporate branded gym towels as corporate gifts for employees.  
corporate gift ideas for employees - fitness ideas



 If they are frequent Travelers - The Healthy Travel Kit is a great idea. It's a handy nylon bag with a convenient shoulder strap filled with travel essentials, like an airplane seat cover, wipes, table matt, masks, and more to keep their trip germ free. These kits can be customized with the company logo if purchased in specific quantities.

Also, with most organizations adapting hybrid, in office, work schedules and sharing desk and office space the Healthy Lifestyle Kit is a great option to show your employees that you care. 

corporate employee gift ideas



A messenger bag is a cool gift that the staff might like. This corporate gift is perfect for employees that travel between meetings and around town on a daily basis.  


corporate gifts for employees messenger bag

Are You Recognizing Your Employees With Corporate Gifts This Year?

If so, you’re on the right track to engaging and motivating your team. When corporate gifts for employees are done right, they’re a great way to keep employee morale high and corporate culture positive.

So, with corporate gift giving in mind, what are you waiting for? Is it time to start thinking of corporate gifts for employees that will work well within your company culture? Time to get busy!

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