Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees - SeatSitters.com

Table of Contents

  1. Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees
  2. What Is Corporate Gifting?
  3. Why is Corporate Gifting Important?
    1. Gifts May Increase Job Satisfaction
    2. Gifts Make the Employees Feel Valued
    3. Gifts can Strengthen the Employee-Employer Relationship
  4. Top 8 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees
    1. Electronic Devices
    2. Personal Care Products
    3. Healthy Travel Kit
    4. Eco-Friendly Tote Bags
    5. Reusable Water Bottle
    6. Notebooks and Diaries
    7. Workout Gear
    8. Online Classes
  5. Final Thoughts


"To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace." – Doug Conant

In line with Conant's words, nurturing a healthy employee-employer relationship is key to your success in the ever-competitive marketplace.

And what better way to connect with employees and clients than to provide them with gifts. Corporate gifts are a great way to make your employees feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated—like they're part of the family.

And when employees are happy, your company wins!

Studies show that happy employees are 13% more productive. Plus, when employees are happy, they're your very best brand ambassadors.

But to make your employees feel happy and valued, your choice of gift is very important.

In this post, we'll discuss the top corporate gifts for your employees. But first, a quick primer on corporate gifting and its importance.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

As the name suggests, corporate gifting is the act of sending someone a gift from your company. The recipient could be an employee, customer, client, prospect, or vendor. You might even extend the gifting experience to their families too.

In most cases, companies send gifts to their employees to show appreciation for certain achievements or as a gesture of goodwill. Other popular reasons for sending corporate gifts may include:

  • Professional accomplishments, like gaining a new qualification
  • Anniversary gifts for time spent as an employee
  • Welcome gifts for becoming a new employee or client
  • Holiday gifts
  • Birthday presents

Corporate gifts don't need to be big and expensive. They can be as simple as a company pen or an Amazon gift card.

Why Is Corporate Gifting Important?

While competitive salaries may entice employees to come on board and stay for the long haul, it's the unexpected gestures that leave a lasting impression. The perfect gift is always welcomed and can help employees yield positive results.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Here's why corporate gifting is important for your business.

(i) Gifts May Increase Job Satisfaction

The perfect gifts may act as a motivating factor for your employees.

A new study has found that corporate gifting increases employee engagement and morale. If done right, corporate gifting may result in employee loyalty and job satisfaction. The trick is to identify gifts your employees will love.

(ii) Gifts Make the Employees Feel Valued

The mere act of sending a gift to your employees can make them feel loved and appreciated.

A new study from Office Team published on Forbes found that 66% of employees would quit if they felt unappreciated. Hence, gifting your employees can also help to reduce a company's churn rate.

(iii) Gifts can Strengthen the Employee-Employer Relationship

As mentioned earlier, corporate gifting can foster a healthy employee-employer relationship. In a recent survey conducted by Packed with Purpose, 68% of the respondents said receiving a "memorable" gift strengthened their relationship with their employer.

Top 8 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Now that you know the importance of corporate gifting, what should you gift your employees? Skip the cheap and ordinary corporate gifts and surprise your employees with these elevated, thoughtful, and impactful options instead.

1. Electronic Devices

Today's workforce mainly consists of millennials and Gen Z's.

Since these generational cohorts are tech-savvy, nothing would impress them more than electronic devices. To that end, branded tech items might just be the perfect gift for them.

But what items should you give them?


With remote work and virtual meetings becoming the new norm, your employees will appreciate any gift that will make their day-to-day work easier—for example, a new laptop or Bluetooth headphones.

2. Personal Care Products

In a world rocked by COVID-19 and where handwashing and sanitizing are an absolute necessity, any hygiene or personal care products will be much welcomed.

Personal care products are essential for everyone, and they make great gifting options for field personnel and white-collar workers.

Sterilization equipment covid-19

You can curate a gift basket containing a hand sanitizer, body lotion, hand soap, essential oil sets, shaving essentials for men, and a bathing care set.

3. Healthy Travel Kit

A healthy travel kit from Seat Sitters would be the perfect corporate gift for employees who are always on business trips.

Seat Sitters healthy travel kit is a lightweight and portable bag with convenient shoulder straps filled with essentials like airplane seat covers, table mats, wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, and more to keep your trip germ-free.

Healthy Life Style Kit Gift Corporate Employees

This travel kit can be used on airplanes, buses, trains, and even on public seats where you want to protect yourself from seats that have not been cleaned. And the best part, these travel kits can be customized with your company's logo if purchased in specific quantities.

4. Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

As eco-friendly practices become more than a passing trend, expect to see more tote bags on the streets. Tote bags are employees' favorite for a good reason.

First, employees need to carry a lot of things for work-related purposes.

A tote bag can come in handy and provide the much-needed convenience rather than carrying everything with their hands as they go to the field.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

And these bags are not picky as to what you can carry. You could use them to carry paperwork and marketing pamphlets or even for shopping in supermarkets. And even when out of work, you could still use them to carry groceries.

Secondly, these bags are good for the environment. And having environmentally-conscious products is not just good for PR but can also help you attract new customers.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

For employees and even your customers, it's essential to stay hydrated, especially during workloads. As a result, a corporate gift like a reusable water bottle can prove very helpful.

Reusable Water Bottle

Plus, drink bottles are an inexpensive form of mobile advertising.

That's because they offer a large real estate to print your company info—name, contact, logo, website, and any other message you'd love to pass across. Through a drink bottle alone, your brand can reach up to 150 people per day, creating brand awareness whenever it goes.

6. Notebooks and Diaries

Notebooks are undeniably one of the best gifts you can give your employees.

A notebook may seem like a simple gift, but adding some special features to it is what makes it unique. Many varieties like a limited-edition notebook, vintage notepads, mini notepads, or a set of notebooks can take the subtlety to the next level.

Notebooks and Diaries

Diaries are also crucial as employees use them to stay organized. A diary can also be a perfect tool for recording ideas and documenting events, and employees who love traveling might find them very useful.

7. Workout Gear

It's critical for employees to take care of their health.

But with extreme work, health can quickly degrade. One of the ways you, as a leader, can help improve their physical health is by gifting them workout gear.

For example, gifting your employees a sturdy yoga mat or workout apparel may trigger their urge to engage in a workout. You could even go the extra mile to provide workout tech gadgets like a Fitbit Luxe for tracking fitness or pay for their gym membership.

Yoga Workout Gear

8. Online Classes

It's a proven fact that employees are attracted to companies that provide opportunities for growth and professional development.

Offer sponsored enrollment to online classes of their choice. It will make for a perfect corporate gift, and your employees will thank you for it. Doing so may signal to your employees that you value them and care about their professional development.

As a result, your employees will stick with your company for a long-time and perform more efficiently.

Online Classes

The Final Thoughts

Gifting corporate gifts is a thoughtful way to connect with your employees.

If done right, corporate gifting can improve job satisfaction, make the employees feel valued, and strengthen employee-employer relationships, which are critical to business success.

By implementing a corporate gifting strategy, you'll win at the workplace and gain a competitive edge, even in a saturated market.