Seat Sitters Continue to Provide Healthy Travel Kits Globally, in a Mission to Ease the Spread of Germs in Public Areas

Airplane Travel Kit

Staying healthy and avoiding germs in public has always been important, but today, it is a must. Now more than ever, people need the tools to help them do their part and stay healthy and germ-free while out in public.

Seat Sitters is passionate about the health and wellness of frequent travelers and travelers with immune deficiencies. We are dedicated to providing safe, germ-free travel essentials for on-the-go needs, so our customers can avoid germs, wherever they may be when in public places.

The Seat Sitters story started over nine years ago with the dream to protect consumers from germs on airplanes when traveling; and continues today with even more responsibility to work together for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. The Seat Sitters travel kit is a simple, easy, and affordable way to avoid germs in public and be responsible for your health.

Seat Sitters founder, Gina Hoensheid believed that there was a cleaner way to travel which is why she created the all-in-one Healthy Travel Kit that has everything a person needs to protect themselves against germs while in public places.

Healthy Airplane Travel KitHealthy Lifestyle Kit

From the day Gina tested out her product and launched it, flight attendants, pilots, and passengers wanted to purchase them.

Gina realized the need to make the product available globally, thus expanding to offer the travel kit to many countries. For ease of access to travelers, the kits are even sold at some airport shops and kiosks around the country.

After so much success with consumers around the world using Gina’s kit to travel, she realized her Healthy Travel Kit is needed for so many other uses such as public waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, movie theaters, Salons, public transportation like trains, busses, Ubers, and Lyfts, etc. Seat Sitters are relevant for any public area where germs are spread.

The onset of Covid these past few years has made the product even more relevant. Although the majority of airline companies and millions of other organizations have made a conscious effort to improve their cleaning policies in order to provide a safe environment for consumers and travelers, this kit goes one step further by allowing consumers to take charge and keep themselves and their areas clean.

The Seat Sitters kit is a smart, convenient, and affordable way to avoid germs in public places. The kit contains a premium fiber airplane seat cover, two tray table covers with adhesive on the back, two face masks, one travel-size hand sanitizer, a "No Nut" sticker for those with allergies, and a travel-size pack of disinfectant wipes so consumers can avoid contact with contaminated surfaces wherever they go. This kit is especially useful to those diagnosed with immune deficiencies or other medical conditions that make them more susceptible to avoidable contact with germs. 

Seat Sitters Lifestyle Kit Items

The whole idea is to avoid germs in public places and protect against contaminated surfaces when in airports and on airplanes. "After we started selling the kits, we began receiving testimonials from our customers that they were so thankful to have such a product. It has been wonderful to hear how much consumers appreciated it,” said Gina.

Seat Sitters offers two versions of the Kits, one is the "Healthy Travel Kit" and the other version is "The Healthy Lifestyle Kit", the only difference between the two kits is that the "Healthy Airplane Kit'' includes a "NO-Nut" sticker and doesn't have the vinyl gloves and the "Healthy Lifestyle Kit" has the gloves but no sticker. The kits generally sell for $28.50 and they are sold on Amazon, at Bed Bath & Beyond, gift shops and airport shops throughout the country, in addition to our own website  https://seatsitters.com. The website is running an exclusive promotion and selling the kits for $19.99 for anyone who would like to try one out. They can be purchased here. The Seat Sitters kit makes an excellent gift idea for frequent travelers and travelers with immune deficiencies, in addition to anyone who wants to avoid germs in public.

Not only is the Seat Sitters kit useful for germs. Gina was also determined to make it stylish so that one would not feel self-conscious about looking like a germ-a-phobe. She insisted that it be stylish, convenient, eco-friendly, and recyclable.

Seat Sitters are a great option for employee gift ideas and company promotions as it can be customized with your business’s logo.  An imprint on the travel kit makes a great marketing opportunity for companies, restaurants, retailers, and more.

Gina is proud of what Seat Sitters has to offer and insists on doing her part to contribute to helping others. Gina explains that the product is not just about money. It is about all of us being in it together and doing our part to stay healthy and happy in so many ways.

About Seat Sitters:

Seat Sitters is a family-owned and operated business based in Rochester, Michigan. They provide innovative products for frequent fliers and people with immune deficiencies to avoid germs when traveling via airplane or other modes of transportation. Seat Sitters airplane seat covers are perfect for other uses too, like movie theater seats, hair salons and nail salons, doctors' office waiting rooms, buses, ride-shares, and any public seating area.

Seat Sitters was started by a concerned mother on a mission to protect her family and provide the essentials for staying healthy and feeling good while out in public; all at an affordable price.

Seat Sitters continues to invest back into the community by donating products to a variety of organizations including Miracle Flights, The Elijah-Alavi Foundation, and New Day Foundation.

At Seat Sitters, “Travel is our Inspiration, staying healthy is our passion.” Get in touch by phone at (313) 744-2980 or by email to Gina Hoensheid at Gina@seatsational.com. Seat Sitters is headquartered in Rochester, MI. Visit the website for more information on airplane seat covers and travel kits.