Summer's Out and Germs Are In

Summer's Out and Germs Are In

School is back in session. Kids are racing from class, to practice, back home and everywhere in between. And all parents know that sore throats and fevers are right around the corner. It’s the worst time to have your kids at home sick, missing class, and already playing catch-up when school just started. But we did our homework so you can get ahead of those undercover cooties and leave cough syrup off the school supply list!

The Lunch Room

We like to think of the cafeteria as a clean and sterile place to eat, and for the most part that’s true – it’s our kids that bring in the germs. Lunch boxes are like public transportation for viruses and bacteria. Think about it. Your kids drag them all over the house, into a classroom or an old locker, maybe even into the bathroom, and then back home again with a day’s worth of new germs. Not to mention when they forget to empty their lunches and Tupperware, leaving sandwiches or veggies to mold and spoil inside. The best way to combat potential bugs like E. coli or salmonella is to clean religiously. A good hot rinse every other day or a wipe down with a disinfectant will do the trick.

The Locker Room

Kids play hard. They get bloody cuts, roll in dirt and grass, and sweat everywhere, especially on uniforms and athletic equipment. Those rancid gym bags, old shin guards, and damp socks are home to all kinds of infections. Washing duffel bags in hot water and soaking footwear in white vinegar destroys odor and helps prevent against athlete’s foot, warts, and staph.

The Ride Home

Cars and car seats – they’re as dirty as a bathroom. The family car is like a second home. It has clothes, shoes, toys, pet hair, and old food. Maybe the worst part of the ride to and from school is the heat, making sweaty kids, gross toys, and crumbs even filthier. Your car and car seats are pretty much guaranteed to be carrying the common cold. But simply cleaning and vacuuming the car floor, wiping down handles and seat belts, and rinsing out and scrubbing car seats will disinfect your ride for smooth sailing.

The Clean Scene

As parents, it’s hard to face the reality that you can’t clean everything. Classrooms are always going to be dirty. The school bus is always going to be sticky. And there’s always going to be a sick kid around yours. But don’t just admit defeat – realize that’s all the more reason to keep your home, your car, and your kids’ favorite things sparkly and smelling fresh. So while your kids are picking out the coolest new backpack and prettiest pencils, you can pick up these easy cleaning habits for a healthy start to the school year.