Top 5 Places You’ll Need Your Seat Sitter

Top 5 Places You’ll Need Your Seat Sitter


Whatever’s on your agenda this week, Seat Sitters is there as your perfect travel companion. We’ve narrowed down everyone’s favorite places and past times, and they just so happen to be the germiest. Whether you’re out on the town or stuck in the office, keeping away from cooties can be this convenient and enjoying life can be this simple.

Number 1 - Concerts

Have you ever looked forward to seeing your favorite artist play for months, and the day after the show woke up feeling deathly ill? We get it. It’s hot, crowded, and you stay up all night shoulder-to-shoulder with tons of people, probably losing your voice in the process. Taking your Seat Sitter along with you to the show keeps you and your belongings clean and wards off any illnesses on the prowl.

Number 2 - The Movie Theater

The beauty of going to see a movie is that it’s a break from reality. You get to watch a film on the big screen, pig out on your favorite snacks and relax in the cool, shade of the theater. The last thing we care about at the movies is cleanliness, and because it’s dark, we don’t have to confront the old food and vintage soda stains. But the truth of the matter is that theater seats are covered with millions of germs, and they’re rarely if ever, cleaned. So before your long-awaited midnight premier starts, put on your Seat Sitter, silence your cell phone, and enjoy peace of mind.

movie theater with seat sitters

Number 3 - On The Go

Whether you’re an athlete in and out of wheelchairs or your wheelchair is your primary mode of transportation, you’ve got enough to worry about with getting around, so keeping your chair clean is a must. Healing from an injury, recovering from surgery, and just getting around in a wheelchair involves a lot of work and physical contact, so it’s easy to pick up unwanted cold and flu germs. Keep the cooties away and use a Seat Sitter for your wheels.

Number 4 - The Airport Gate

Waiting to board a flight can sometimes go on for hours, and the seats at the gate aren’t exactly the cleanest. Think of all the people from all over the country, and maybe even the world, who sit there day in and day out, carrying food, sweat, messy kids, and germs with them. If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that nobody likes going on vacation and coming down with something we caught on the trip. So in addition to religiously applying hand sanitizer, throw a Seat Sitter in your carry-on, and you won’t have to worry about those dreaded travel bugs.

Number 5 - Sporting Events

Football, basketball, whatever your sport and whoever your team, nothing is more thrilling than seeing it live. Some of the fondest memories are made at ballparks and arenas, but any true sports fanatic knows how unsanitary it is under those Friday night lights. The seats are sticky, food and alcohol are spilled everywhere, all kinds of germs are brought in from outside, and when thousands of sweaty people are gathered together in one crowded space, we’re bound to catch something. Seat Sitters is your secret weapon. Putting a cover on the old, heavily used seats can do wonders in protecting from illness. It’s a win-win.