Healthy Lifestyle Kit | Public Seat Covers

Healthy Lifestyle Kit | Public Seat Covers

Healthy Lifestyle Kit | Public Seat Covers

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Seat Sitters Lifestyle Kits are a complete kit for round trip travel! The seat cover’s classic black fabric is soft and reusable. Great to use on airplanes, movie theaters, trains, public transportation, ride-shares, doctors’ offices, hair/nail salons, or anywhere you desire a clean seat and a clean space. Enjoy your seat in clean comfort!! 


The nylon travel bag comes with an attached shoulder strap for convenient carrying and is reusable. To ensure a clean seat and space on your trip there and back, the kit includes...

  • One reusable/disposable bag
  • One reusable/disposable seat cover
  • Two tray table covers with adhesive on the back to stay in place during flight
  • Two face masks
  • One 0.5 fl oz hand sanitizer
  • One pack of ten antibacterial wipes
  • Two pairs of vinyl gloves

The lightweight fabric is soft and 100% recyclable-both, disposable, and reusable with a generous fit for versatility and comfort. Travel with us, anywhere for peace of mind! The Seat Sitter lifestyle bag and seat cover are machine-washable in cold water; use air dry dryer settings. Seat cover approximate size 25 in x 63 in.



Seat Sitters Seat Covers are perfect to use in public venues to keep a protective layer between you and germs. Customers use Seat Sitters Seat Covers at restaurants, waiting rooms, arenas, doctors office, barber shops and beauty salons. 




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