Read This Before Going to Movie Theaters

Read this before going to movie theaters

It has been more than a year since we all missed out on an experience that we all love, that is, going to the movies. Most of us did spend a lot of time binge watching our favorite shows and collection of old movies and some new movies on our smartphones and TVs but the experience is not even close to the one we enjoy at our favorite movie theater.

There is good news though. Although the government lifted a lot of covid-19 restrictions months ago and big cinema chains all over the US like AMC theaters, MJR and Cinemark opened back up. People weren’t going and theaters weren’t showing many films on the big screen. But things have changed, theaters have been actively talking about getting back to normal on their social media and blogs and have started adding more movies to their schedules in the last few weeks. They have also mentioned that they plan to keep you safe by doing things like reduced capacity, contactless ticket purchase, and entry, physical distancing, etc.

This has got a lot of people excited. The audience demand is so high that some theaters' websites crashed due to a sudden rush of huge traffic and some theaters sold out all the tickets for the day in a matter of hours. This shows a lot of people are ready to experience the bigger screens and popcorn tub after waiting for more than a year. But many people are worried too. There are various concerns among people that are stopping them from going back to movies like they previously did.

Public opinion on reopening of cinemas:

We went on a research spree to find what people are talking around the internet about movie theaters opening back up. Here are some of the positive and negative reactions we have received.

Hear from those who would love to go to the movies:

“Big screen, super resolution, big sound coupled with a small audience and food service is the theater’s advantage. If they follow necessary hygiene protocols, they should be safe.” — Robert Saltzman

"There is nothing like watching on the big screen. It is cheaper than streaming because you pay just for the movie you want to see." — A reader

“I just love the experience of being around others who have never seen the film before. Plus, popcorn and a soda! I will go to the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline.” — Rich Moriarty

“I’m fully vaccinated. My main theater is Coolidge whose safety precautions have been both robust and transparent. I’ve already seen two films at the Coolidge and have tickets for next Thursday to see the new Almodóvar short film.” — A reader

People sharing their concerns about covid, germs, and theaters:

“Even before the pandemic theaters were germ-filled cesspools,” — Alex

“Why would I want to watch a movie with dozens of strangers, floors covered with who knows what? The whole experience just doesn’t do it for me anymore.” — Kate

“It’s a bit early for that. I don’t see movie theaters being able/willing to enforce mask mandates, and only half the population is fully vaccinated.” — Chris

So, it's clear that not everyone is ready to go to the movies due to various reasons. Being a promoter of healthy living we have a few things to share that can alleviate some of the concerns and can help you stay safe while you watch the top-rated summer movies.

What about catching covid-19 at the movie theaters?

Fandango.com recently did a survey of 4000+ of its movie ticket buyers. It revealed that 70% of the moviegoers were vaccinated and 13% said they were planning to get vaccinated soon.

We can see that most people are taking responsibility and looking after themselves and their fellow cinema fans. That same survey revealed that 93% of people were satisfied with reopening cinemas after a long covid-19 break.

theaters are equally happy about returning to normal and are doing their part to keep their audience safe, so it seems covid won't be that big of a problem.

There is another problem though.

The movie watching experience at cinemas is no less than magic. The feeling of anticipation going through everyone's body after the lights go down, the collective laughter and cries, and other emotions every few minutes feels quite magical in a way. But this magic comes at a cost.

The cost is bacteria and germs. There have been many studies that revealed the number of germs present at every touchpoint of the movie theater. Starting from the handrails to the popcorn stand, from the sitting area to armrests, these germs are everywhere. The quantity of these bacteria is large enough to make anyone sick in a matter of a few hours.

Researchers have found various types of germs, bacteria, and bugs like germs from fecal matter (probably because not everyone washes their hands after using the washroom), lice around headrest areas, bed bugs, and many other germs that can cause skin infections and food poisoning.

Avoiding germs at movies.

Just because there are germs at movies, you should not skip your plans to watch the most anticipated movies of this summer. You can be mindful and take the necessary steps to stay safe from germs and enjoy the big screen entertainment like everyone else. Some of the best ways to do so are:

  1. Keep your hands clean by sanitizing them often so you don't accidentally ingest germs when eating those tasty hot popcorn.
  2. If you are unsure of hygiene levels where food like popcorn is prepared then it's best to avoid that and buy packed items like candies.
  3. Wipe the armrests using anti-bacterial wipes and use reusable seat covers for maximum safety.

If you are looking for complete germ protection then check out our Healthy Lifestyle Kit. It's a portable kit with all the necessary germ protection tools that you can take wherever you go.

Healthy Lifestyle Kit

Our customers love to take it with them to movie theaters, doctor's appointments, restaurants, and many more places where germs protection is needed. The compact size of the kit makes it convenient to keep in a backpack or at the back of your car.

All the accessories of the kit have a very long life so you can use them as and when needed. And the kit is not only useful for germs but also good for people who have allergic reactions to certain food items like a peanut allergy.


Most moviegoers are ready to hop in the cinema seats with their favorite fries and coke. And from what we have found if you take the necessary steps and have the right things to stay safe from germs, there isn’t a good reason to not go to movies at the cinemas. We know we are going back to the movies and embracing the events of normalcy.

Some of the movies we are excited to watch in the coming months are:

  • Fatherhood (starring Kevin Hart), releasing on 18th June 2021
  • Fast & Furious 9 (F9) releasing 25th June 2021
  • Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) coming out on 9th July 2021

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