The Ultimate College Back to School Supply List 2022

The Ultimate College Back to School Supply List 2022


Updated 1/13/22

The 2022 college back-to-school season has officially begun! As college students gear up for a new year there is a lot to do. Parents and students must figure out all the back-to-school supplies they will need and get everything ordered and delivered before school starts.

The college back-to-school supply list below will cover it all from coursework, personal supplies to dorm living. 

We've listed 50 essential items for your college back-to-school list!

1. Backpack - Backpacks are essential for getting your college textbooks, binders, and other college supplies between classes!

2. Laptop - A laptop and/or tablet is a must-have supply that every college student surely needs!

3. Laptop Lock - A good laptop lock keeps your computer secure!

4. Planner/Calendar- A college planner or calendar is necessary for college students to write down class assignments, homework, exams, special events, and deadlines.

5. College Textbooks - If you start looking early enough you might be able to find used college books at a reduced price. There are some great resources for used college textbooks here

6. Highlighters - College students like to highlight a lot as they read, so having plenty of highlighters on hand is key!

7. Pens and Pencils - College students need pens and pencils and plenty of erasers. Don't forget to include other supplies like post-it notes, scissors, and tape.

8. Notebooks and Binders - Even if you use your computer or laptop for most of your note-taking, having a notebook is always handy and binders manage all your printed material.

9. Scientific Calculator - College students will need this in college, so you might as well get a good one! Get some ideas here. 

10. Flash Drives - College students can never seem to have too many flash drives.

11. Portable Charger - Include a portable charger in your college supplies to keep your mobile devices charged longer and while on the go.

12. Wireless Earbuds - College students will want a pair of wireless earbuds to listen to music, recorded lectures, and take calls hands-free.

13. Lunch Box- College students need a lunch box to carry their lunches and snacks on campus! 

14. Healthy Lifestyle Kit - Contains everything you need to protect yourself from germs in public. Kit comes with a reusable and washable seat cover for auditoriums and classroom seating, 2 table covers for public eating, 2 face masks, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer, all in a stylish lightweight bag. Seat Sitters offers the perfect healthy lifestyle kit to have on hand for a variety of occasions.

15. Water Bottle - Having a useful, durable water bottle makes it easier for students to stay hydrated.

16. Printer - College students need to print out class handouts, college forms and assignments. A printer is a true convenience for every college student.

17. Desk Light - The college dorm room can be a pretty dark place at night. A college desk light will make studying at night more bearable.

18. Desk Organizer - College students should have a space to keep track of supplies, like stapler, tape, paper clips, etc. A desk organizer will help college students stay organized!

19. Dorm Room Décor - College students are excited to make their living space their own. They like posters, throw pillows, college flags and rugs!

20. Bed Risers - Bed risers allow college students to create more living and storage space under in their dorm room.

21. Full Length Mirror - A full length mirror is extremely helpful, especially for those that care about wearing more than just sweats to class.

22. Bath Towels/ Washcloths - College students need bath towels, wash rags, and toiletries. 

23. Bath Robe - College students need bath robes to use after showering and to feel more comfortable while living away from home.

24. Shower Shoes or Flip Flops - To help college students avoid walking barefooted all over college dorm bathrooms.

25. Shower Caddy - A bathroom storage basket or caddy makes it easy for college students to keep their bathroom supplies organized.

26. Toilet Paper - Don't leave home without it!

27. Medical Supplies - such as prescription drugs, Aspirin or Tylenol, a first aid kit, bandages, pain reliever, throat spray, cough drops, eye drops and a thermometer.

28. Toiletries - which can include makeup, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, comb and brush, soap or body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, floss, razors, tissues, toilet paper, nail file, fingernail polish, shaving cream, sunscreen, deodorant, mouthwash, blow dryer, hairspray, hair gel and a hair straightener or curling iron.

29. Eye Masks - There will be times that your roommates stay up all night studying, having an eye mask could be the difference between a restless night or not.

30. Bedding - Dorms do not supply beds with sheets or pillows, so you will have to bring sheets, comforters, blankets, pillows, and you'll also need a zip up mattress cover! Those dorm beds need all the help they can get when it comes to comfort. What's your college bedding choice? 

31. Throw Blankets - College students like to curl up on their beds with a throw blanket when they study or veg'ing watching tv.

32. Washing Machine Detergent - Although college students rarely wash their clothes, bedding, or towels. It’s important to have laundry detergent on hand, in case they get inspired!

33. Laundry Basket - College laundry is no joke so having a college laundry basket will keep dirty clothes out of the way.

34. Bedside Table for Cell Phone - College students need someplace handy to put their cell phone and keys so they can find them easily!

35. Fan - College students like to keep their dorm rooms cool with a fan. Often the old buildings have poorly working HVAC systems and the fans help cool the space.

36. Flashlight - Although most of us have a flashlight on our phones, college students need a flashlight to use at night, in case they are studying late or walking back from the library.

37. Alarm Clock - College students must wake up for class! There are a variety of apps that you can get for your smartphones to help with this. Although, in many cases that is not enough to get a college student out of bed on a cold morning after a late night. Don't miss your classes because you couldn't wake up! 

38. Wall Hooks & Poster Putty- College students can hang posters and pictures on their dorm walls using poster putty and wall hooks.

39. Power Strip - College students have lots of electronics. They need a power strip and extension cords to use with their computers, iPads, TV and lighting!

40. Plastic Storage Bins - Organized college students love plastic storage bins for storing clothes, shoes, books, bedding and blankets, toiletries, and supplies.

41. Closet Organizer - college students can make better use of closet space with organizers and shelving for college dorm closets.

42. Hangers - Space is limited in a dorm room. Hanging bulkier items helps a lot with space issues.  

43. Cleaning Supplies - College students need cleaning supplies to keep their dorm room clean. Including cleaning detergents, broom, dustpan and rags or paper towel.

44. Mini Refrigerator - College dorm rooms don't supply refrigerators, so college students must bring a mini fridge.

45. Coffee Maker - College students just love coffee! They like to have college coffee mugs too!

46. Dorm Food & Snacks - College students don't always have time to get to the cafeteria. They depend on snacks to get them by!

47. Rain Booties - No college student wants to walk around like a drowned rat all day.

48. Clothes - Bring clothes for all seasons. We all know that Fall and Spring are usually unpredictable with the weather.  

49. Bike or Scooter and a Lock - getting to class across campus can be a grueling task. It can be a lot easier if you have some wheels!

50. Important personal documents - Your passport, driver’s license, medical insurance information, credit, or debit cards, checks, and banking information, financial aid documents, lease information, and emergency contact list.


College life is an adventure for everyone in the family. Don't get stressed out trying to be prepared for college! Use the above college back-to-school supply list as a reference when it comes time to start packing for college. You'll thank yourself later when the school year starts, and you have everything you need to be organized in your dorm room.