SeatSitters Valentine's Gift Guide for Her - 10 Handpicked Ideas

SeatSitters Valentine's Gift Guide for Her - 10 Handpicked Ideas

It takes a thoughtful gift to surprise someone you know well. If you've been married for three decades, you might already know what your partner needs or wants. But if your relationship is fresh, there's a lot to learn about your partner, including what kind of gift will strike the right chord.

A great idea for a gift is something that brings back memories from the past, or something which your partner keeps mentioning (or dreaming) about. Circle February 14 on your calendar as the time to surprise your partner with a gift that says, "I know you". Pro Tip: Make sure to hide it in a safe place in your home or give it to them when they're away on a trip. This will make your special one feel even more special and happy.

Now is the right time to get it together and start planning your gifts for her. To make sure that you have the best experience with your significant other this year, we at SeatSitters have compiled 10 amazing gift ideas for her, according to different personalities.

For Beauty Enthusiast

  1. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask | $22 (Sephora.com)
LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

You will not find a sleeping mask that will give your partner a celebrity glow like this gem. Enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants, this leave-on lip mask soothes, moisturizes, and nourishes dry lips. The ultimate in makeup simplification, this product is perfect for any skin type and any occasion. This product would make an excellent gift for those women in your lives who prefer a no-makeup look or anyone who aspires to a quick-and-easy beauty routine.

  1. BirchBox Subscription | $15 (birchbox.com)
BirchBox Subscription

Thanks to beauty subscription boxes, beauty enthusiasts can try new products without having to buy a full-size product. Birchbox is one of such subscription boxes available for beauty lovers. Its reputation is well-deserved: it offers a range of travel-size samples from popular makeup and hair care brands like Kiehl’s, Benefit, and more. If your girlfriend, wife loves to test out new things and keep her makeup drawer well-stocked then she needs this subscription service in her life.

For Healthy Traveler

  1. Protective Sunglasses | $24 (amazon.com)
Protective Sunglasses

These protective sunglasses from Torege are the perfect gift for someone you care about. It not only blocks 100% harmful UVA, UVB & UVC, and blue light but also has a polarized filter, making it a good choice for those who love to travel and enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like bicycling, driving, fishing, etc. The frame is made with a flexible material that is durable and comfortable to wear.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle Kit | $28.50 (seatsitters.com)
Healthy Lifestyle Kit

Staying clean and germ-free when in public should not be complicated. Our healthy lifestyle kit offers a complete solution for the public transportation needs of you and your family. Gift her this trendy, effective, and easy-to-use travel kit which comes with everything needed to be safe outside. Combined with our helpful guidebook, the kit will protect your partner from unwanted germs and unexpected allergic reactions when she uses public transit or enjoys her favorite food at the local restaurant.

The kit includes a reusable bag, a seat cover that can be reused or thrown away as needed, two sets of table covers, each with adhesive on the back to stay in place when flying, two face masks, one hand sanitizer bottle, ten antibacterial wipes for hand hygiene, and two pair of vinyl gloves. In short, it contains everything you and your partner would need when traveling outside on the valentines.

For Fragrance Lover

  1. Mini Perfume Travel Set | $25 (Sephora.com)
Mini Perfume Travel Set

Perfume instantly transports us to a special place. For example, a vacation on the beach, a relaxing weekend in the country, or a romantic evening in the city. There's nothing better than gifting the mini perfume travel set containing six distinct aromas, ready to enhance your personal connection with your special person.

  1. Mask Spray | $7.99 (Seatsitters.com)
Mask Spray

Gift her this unique face mask spray made from an all-natural formula that completes her favorite face mask set. The blend of essential oils and witch hazel results in a smell so pleasant, she will experience bliss with every breath. It comes in two gratifying variations: refreshing citrus and calming peppermint. Side note: the above spray is available only on the seatsitters.com website.

Unique Gift Ideas for Her

  1. Personalized Desk Calendar | $30 (artifactuprising.com)
Personalized Desk Calendar

Are you a person who loves communicating via photos? We are here to share a useful gift that lets you express yourself visually — and in an entirely original way. Artifact uprising site lets you pick 12 images to print out in a desk calendar-sized format. You can also choose from font themes such as a soft, and elegant script or an all-time classic serif font. She will cherish this gift and recall good memories every time she looks at the desk.

  1. Customized Passport Cover | $17.49 (ThreeTwo1 - etsy.com)
Customized Passport Cover

This beautifully customized leatherette passport holder makes a thoughtful gift for someone who is always traveling. This vegan-friendly and practical cover features gold hardware and elegant lettering and is available in four different colors (black, blush, light gray, and white). It's so well crafted that it looks great even when it's empty.

  1. Personalized Vertical Bar Necklace | $17.50 (etsy.com)
Personalized Vertical Bar Necklace

Show your significant other how much they mean to you with a unique and personalized bar-shaped necklace. Engrave the name of your beloved, the day you met, the coordinates where you met, or any other special dates. The best part is you can personalize this pendant with your choice of metal finish, namely gold, silver, or rose gold.

  1. Book Light for Night Readers | $13.99 (amazon.com)
Book Light for Night Readers

She will love this gift if she loves reading at night. This clip-on book light is free from blue light, which is known to affect the sleep hormone melatonin. Blue light during the night time not only puts a strain on the eyes but also acts on the sleep cycle in a negative way, leading to poor quality sleep. So give a gift that takes care of her eye and sleep health without making her give up night time reading. She won't have to worry about changing batteries either as this light is rechargeable with any standard USB adaptor.

Bonus: Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a last-minute valentine's gift, take a look at these presents which you can grab offline or order through amazon prime's same-day delivery.

Classic Silver Watch with Bracelet | $42 (amazon.com)

Classic Silver Watch with Bracelet

No matter how fresh or old your relationship is, you can never go wrong with a watch. It's probably the gift you can give to anyone and everyone. But you can't give just any watch to your loved one, right? So, if you're looking for a great timepiece with an elegant look, this new watch from Timex is the perfect choice. It's stainless steel mesh bracelet and patented indiglo technology will leave a lasting impression on everyone that sees it.

Bouquet of Lovely Flowers | Local Flower Shop

Bouquet of Lovely Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a holiday about love. What’s more lovely than flowers? If you procrastinated on ordering something good online then make up for it with a bouquet full of different flowers as only roses won't feel that magical. You don't even have to search online for this present as many great options are available in the popular flower shop that's just a few miles away.

We hope you've decided what to give her this valentine's day. Feel free to check out other products that we passionately make to serve people who want to travel clean and who want to stay away from allergies.