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Seat Sitters Partners With The Elijah-Alavi Foundation

When they asked us to help them out with their cause, we were happy to oblige. This is exactly one of the reasons that founder, Gina Hoensheid, developed the Seat Sitter product. In her words, "I feel fortunate that we were given this opportunity."

10 Ways to Avoid Germs on a Plane in 2022

Thousands of people travel every day on a plane and the cleaning staff can only do so much to maintain proper hygiene in the cabin area. In the end, it is on you, the passenger, who should take certain steps to protect yourself and your family from all the harmful bacteria and viruses. Here are 10 ways to avoid germs when traveling via flight

Seat Sitters Partners with Non-Profit Organization, Miracle Flights, Making Healthier Strives for Travelers in Need

With this exciting new partnership between Seat Sitters and Miracle Flights, many fliers whose immune systems have already been compromised, will have better protection against the germs that they could encounter during their travels.

What’s New in the Seat Sitter Travel Kit?

Find out what's new in the Seat Sitter Airplane Travel Kit!

2019 Travel Bucket List

Our 2019 Travel Bucket List!